Peaceful Protesters Peacefully Asked To Peacefully Kill The President

May Day has, for decades, been a celebration of spring. Old things are becoming new and fresh again. Leave it to the liberals to make it low down and dirty in the interest of their causes. The local chapter of your friendly neighborhood thugs used the festival to take to the streets, encouraging the assassination of the President and Vice President.

They then proceeded to riot and vandalize because apparently, that wins people over?

Via The Gateway Pundit:

“The NTK video shows a group of protesters marching through a city street. The main profane chant by the marchers is “F*** Trump! F*** Pence! Organize in self-defense!”

The news media was quick to jump on any behavior by Tea Party protesters, even made up behavior, in efforts to discredit the grassroots anti-Obama movement. But when it comes to anti-Trump protesters, the media protects the ‘resistance’ by not reporting on “Kill Trump! Kill Pence!” protest chants or outright violence against Trump supporters.”

Even with all their talk of welcoming everyone, and a group of people who encourage free ideas, this is what happens to a person who doesn’t give in to them. This may be the first time many millennials are dealing with an actual loss without getting some kind of consolation prize.  Some chose profanity, some chose death threats but I guess that’s what you get when you’re dealing with such a high class of people.

These people make me scared for our future. I only take hope in the fact that they’re probably too selfish to try and raise children. The future run by people who would be willing to kill a president that makes them feel uncomfortable is something we should all be deeply concerned about.

There is probably more to be said on the subject, but here’s hoping the Secret Service picks it up and runs with it.

(Source: The Gateway Pundit)