Paper Towel Company Made A New Liberal Ad Campaign, Ended Up Making Women Look Like Morons

Sometime in recent history women in America did what the African American culture has tried to do, and decided that instead of wanting to be equal, they want to be better. I’m not sure who told women that they weren’t better in today’s day in age. I don’t know many men that would want to do what their wives do and vise versa.

But in an effort to help “break the glass ceiling” Brawny paper towels has decided to show off women as a sign of their strength.

Let’s pass right by the scientific data about men building muscle more readily than women because of their bodies chemistry. You know how google works, I’m sure you can look all that up if you’re curious. Even if a given woman can do every single thing that a man can do, most of us just don’t want to. Yes, there’s a fringe that will do all the manly things just to try and prove that women are better than men, but I think I speak for the majority when I say we’re totally ok with passing off the keys when our oil needs to be changed or holding the door when an appliance needs to be installed.

This particular campaign is ridiculous to me because a member of my family is a lumberjack. I’ve seen the amount of strength that job takes, and I guarantee you that 98% of women in America today can’t do that job for long, if at all (myself included).

This company has actually gotten away with putting a woman’s chest front and center on its packaging and commercials with less than half the buttons on her shirt buttoned (yes, I counted) and calling it feminism. Women have been told that there’s a glass ceiling that needs to be shattered, but no matter how many amazing things women do, it’s never reached. I hate to be the one to tell you, but the Emporer has no clothes, and the glass ceiling is all in our heads, ladies.

Also, wasn’t it nice to see a cleaning product that was synonymous with a strong man? Doesn’t this world need more strong men who are willing to use paper towels? Just some food for thought there.

(Source: Youtube)