Orlando Shooter’s Chilling 911 Phone Call Transcript Is Obama’s Worst Nightmare

One week after the tragic Orlando shooting, authorities are getting a clearer picture of what happened that fateful night, and it’s not pretty.

In fact, it gives a great context as to what was in this killer’s mind when he did it, and that is the tenets of Islam, as practiced in many Muslim countries around the world this very second.

According to Yahoo,

“You people are gonna get it,” Orlando shooter Omar Mateen told police in one of several 911 call conversations the night of his massacre at Pulse nightclub.

Investigators on Monday released partial transcripts of conversations between Mateen and police.

The transcripts reveal that when asked by a crisis negotiator why he was calling,  Mateen said calmly, “You already know what I did.”  He also told police he had a vest like those “used in France,” referring to the November 2015 terror attack in Paris that killed 130 people in a series of attacks that involved suicide vests.

The gunman also warned that a vehicle outside the club had been loaded with “some bombs” and at one point said he planned to put explosive vests on four hostages. Officers did not find any explosives on Mateen, who lived 120 miles away in Fort Pierce, or in his vehicle.

Mateen pledged allegiance to the Islamic State on the call and later threatened that his attack on Pulse would not be the only of its kind.  “In the next few days, you’re going to see more of this type of action going on,” he said.

Mateen, an American born to Afghani immigrants, killed 49 people and injured 53 others at the popular gay dance club on June 12.

The FBI omitted portions of the transcripts where Mateen named the group or individual to whom he pledged his allegiance amid the attacks.

Here are those transcripts:

This is absolutely disgusting. What’s worse is that Obama not only refuses to call this Islamic terrorism, but he’s taking out any reference to ISIS and Islam in the transcript. This revisionist BS is exactly why the entire Western world is imploding from within. At least now the public has a clear cut case of who the enemy truly is, without any sugarcoating from the left.

God help us.