Oops: Mishap At North Korea Nuclear Test Site Kills 200

Since day one of Trump’s presidency, the North Koreans have been ramping up their provocations against the West. Their nuclear weapons program is one of the biggest international issues, as they continue to defy the world in pursuit of perfecting ballistic missile technology that can effectively deliver a nuclear warhead across the globe.

The nation’s tyrannical ruler, Kim Jong-Un, routinely talks of wiping America off the map and has been trash talking the president like never before, as he defiantly continues missile tests which threaten our allies. However, while the North Koreans may be inching closer to their goals, they just suffered an embarrassing setback that could temporarily halt their nuclear ambitions.

As reported at Fox News, around 200 people are feared dead in North Korea after underground tunnels at a nuclear test site reportedly collapsed. At least 100 people crushed in the initial collapse, and 100 more suffered a similar fate when they attempted a

The collapse occurred on Oct. 10 during construction on an underground tunnel, Japan’s Asahi TV reported. The news station also speculated that the nation’s sixth nuclear test last month is to blame for the collapse, as the underground detonation left the surrounding region very unstable.

While no officials have confirmed or denied these reports, experts were already fearing that something like this would occur, after seeing the damage done by the recent nuclear test. The day of the test, Sept. 3, triggered a 6.3-magnitude earthquake and several tremors since. Satellite surveillance of North Korea has shown several landslides and a “chimney crater” near the test site.

This lead experts to conclude that “significant cracking” and “irreversible strain” has been put on the land in the region.

With news of the collapse spreading across the globe, on Tuesday, North Korea felt the need to issue some fighting words to Trump to make sure everyone still thinks they’re tough. “The Trump group’s vicious vituperation against the DPRK is an expression of their frustration, fear and horror,” according to a statement released by state-run Korean Central News Agency. On Monday, Kim Jong-Un blamed Trump’s “extreme, direct and long threats” for driving them to obtain “complete nuclear deterrence.”

The U.S. has to ponder over the possible consequences,” the statement added.

This is par for the course when it comes to North Korea. Anytime there’s a test failure of any kind, they immediately talk trash to protect their fragile ego and capable image. But it’s just a transparent attempt to deflect attention away from their shortcomings, and this time it’s no different.

Source: Fox News