One HUGE Republican ADMITS What Will Happen If Trump Wins Wisconsin! THIS IS IT!

Donald Trump just got the best news he’s had on quite a while, mainly that the Wisconsin primary would be the deciding factor of whether or not he becomes the Presidential nominee or not.

Of course, the process would have to be drawn out so as not to look rigged, but mathematically, it works out, or at least that’s what we’re told by former Bush Administration big shot Karl Rove.

According to The Hill,

Republican strategist Karl Rove says Donald Trump can clinch the Republican presidential nomination with a victory in Wisconsin’s primary Tuesday.

“If he wins Wisconsin, the contest is over,” Rove said Tuesday, according to Politico.

“He’s spent a lot of time there,” he added. “If he wins, it’s over. If not, it’s gonna go on and the math becomes somewhat more difficult. If he loses, it’s gonna be a tougher contest.”

Tuesday’s vote in Wisconsin is an open primary, meaning that Democrats and independents can cast ballots for Republican candidates. Rove said the format favors Trump.

“Trump has done slightly better in states where there is an open primary, where Democrats and independents can come in and vote, and has done slightly worse in states that have a closed primary, where only registered Republicans can vote,” the GOP strategist said.

We can’t wait until we see Trump’s name at the top of the board! Those of you who are in Wisconsin, it’s your job to get Trump one step closer to the White House!

(Source: YouTube, The Hill)