One HUGE Name Used To HATE Trump…Now He Wants Donald In The WHITE HOUSE! OH YEAH!

This might be the most interesting turn of events yet in the entire campaign cycle.

You may remember that before Ted Cruz and Donald Trump went toe to toe on the Republican side of the presidential fight, Trump faced off with Senator Lindsay Graham. Graham had gone as far as saying that he’s have supported any and all other GOP candidates except Trump.

If you don’t remember the disdain Graham had for Trump, here’s an example.

And another where Graham said Trump is “unelectable.”

It now seems as though Graham is taking a different tone entirely. According to reports, Graham is now courting GOP elites to come aboard to the Trump Train in an effort to keep Hillary Clinton from coming to power.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, one of Donald Trump’s fiercest critics, is now calling on Republicans to support their presumptive nominee.

Graham urged GOP donors at a private fundraiser Saturday in Florida to unite behind Trump’s campaign and stressed the importance of keeping likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton from the White House. The fundraiser was hosted by former U.S. Ambassador to Portugal Al Hoffman, a former Republican National Committee finance chairman who also co-chaired Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential bid.
“He did say that we need to get behind him,” Teresa Dailey, a prominent Florida Republican fundraiser who attended the private event, told CNN on Sunday.
Graham spokesman Kevin Bishop confirmed that Graham attended a fundraiser in Florida on Saturday.
Bishop would not confirm Graham’s remarks at the private event but said the senator has been clear that he doesn’t support a third-party run that some conservatives are working to organize.
This is in stark contrast to his Trump hating rhetoric earlier in the campaign. Graham and Trump even chatted on the phone and have appeared to bury the hatchet.

Graham has been among Trump’s most vocal and fiercest critics but has warmed to the New York real estate mogul since the two spoke over the phone earlier this month.

Graham described the call as a “cordial, pleasant phone conversation” and said the two discussed national security threats, including ISIS.
“My criticism has been wide and it’s been deep, but we did have a good conversation. He asked good questions,” Graham said Friday on CNN, though he declined to offer a formal endorsement of Trump over Clinton.

This could be a major turning point for Trump and the entire Republican party. Getting more GOP elites to back Trump’s presidential bid is exactly what we need to happen. Trump 2016 and #neverHillary.

(Source: CNN)