One HILARIOUS Picture DESTROYS Black Lives Matter Once And FOR ALL! HA HA!

The Black Lives Matter group is not only racist, but also lazy. This meme shows us why.

As the BLM movement gained notoriety in the wake of the deaths of black men and women at the hands of a few, isolated police incidents, BLM gained more and more people supporting their cause. The more we heard about it on the news, the more people joined up to join the march against police “tyranny,” even though the police protect us all. Whatever.

The point is this new meme has just put the ENTIRE Black Lives Matter movement into perspective. And it’s pretty brutal.

If they could only organize like this for good and to help out other, less fortunate blacks in poverty and to try to rid their own neighborhoods of crime and drugs, instead of protesting Donald Trump, maybe they could make a difference.

But that’s too much hard work right?

(Source: Right Wing News)