One Country Thinks Obama Is So Bad, 99% Disapprove Of Him!

As Obama’s tenure as our commander in chief comes to a close, all of America will start to get relationship goggles and only start to focus on the positives. At least that’s what we’ll hear from the Democrats. Phrases like, “He guided our country through the biggest cultural changes in 4 decades,” or “He helped revolutionize the health car system in this country,” will be heard non stop from the left come September through January.

But let’s also remember the bad times, shall we? Let’s remember that Obama ushered in a new wave of racists that claim America is now as bad as it was in the 1950s and 60s (Black Lives Matter), the Obama has raised the national debt, and has largely been the most aloof and non-existant president we’ve ever had. How many rounds of golf is he up to? Not sure normal math could calculate that. How about some common core!

At any rate, everyone in America knows these things, but what’s truly surprising is that other countries see how poor a leader he is too. Russia is one of them.

President Obama’s 2008 campaign pledge to improve the image of the United States around the world hasn’t worked in Russia where a decade low of just 1 percent approve of American leadership, according to Gallup.

In fact, Gallup said that Russia’s view of the U.S. is the lowest in the world and comes at a time when Moscow is flexing its military muscle in hotspots like Syria where Obama is struggling to use force.

Yes you are ready that correctly. Only 1% of the ENTIRE population of Russia, one of the largest countries in the world, thinks Obama is doing a good job and is a strong leader. That 1% must be Democrat exchange students from the U.S.

What’s even worse news for Obama is that his rating is so catastrophically low that it is lower than his much maligned predecessor, George W. Bush.

The 1 percent Russian approval of the United States is below where it was when former President George W. Bush left office, at about 20 percent.

“Just 1 percent of Russians approved of U.S. leadership in 2015 — the worst rating in the world last year and the lowest approval Gallup has measured for the U.S. in the past decade. Remarkably, this is even worse than their previous record-low 4 percent approval in 2014,” said Gallup in the new poll.

We sure think this is an accurate assessment of Obama’s leadership. Who else agrees with Russia? Let’s hear it in the comments!

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