One Country Had Enough Of Islamic Terrorism, Tells Muslims To Do One Thing Or LEAVE

Law enforcement officials in a northern region of the Philippines are considering issuing mandatory Muslim ID cards.

Islamic extremism is a severe problem for The Philippines. Militants recently gained control of large tracts of land in the south. Central Luzon authorities, including prominent Muslims, agree that the measure is a reasonable way to combat terrorism.

There was even a moment when President Trump floated instituting the same policy in America. Watch below:

Filipino police desire Muslim ID cards for similar reasons.

“Chief Superintendent Aaron Aquino….said an ID system for Muslims may help authorities and Muslim community leaders identify and weed out undesirable individuals and terrorists,” Rappler reported.

Asking people to register for an ID system based on their religion is obviously controversial. However, no one’s legal rights are being violated. Multiple communities in the Philippines have adopted similar policies.

“This system is a good practice from Paniqui, Tarlac, and we want this to be replicated in all Muslim communities in the whole region for easy and efficient identification of our Muslim brothers and sisters,” Aquino said.

Muslim leaders were consulted, and although they expressed reservations, they admitted that the ID system might be useful. The country is being torn apart by real violence. It would be silly to pretend that the average Filipino isn’t at risk of experiencing Islamic terror.

“We are doing a multi-sectoral approach in addressing this issue and I am glad that our Muslim brothers have signified their intention to cooperate with us. I enjoin everyone to take an active effort and participate in our campaign against all forms of lawlessness and I call out for your dynamic support in order to attain our common endeavor of preserving peace and order not just within Region 3 but our whole country as well,” Aquino said.

(Source: The Guardian, Rappler)