OMG! Judge Jeanine UNLOADED On Hillary Clinton AND Elizabeth Warren! They’re DONE FOR!

One of our favorite people, just just political personalities, is at it again and she is FIRED UP!

Over the weekend in her “Opening Statement” portion of her show, Judge Jeanine Pirro decided to take on two “documented liars” in Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren. Clinton we already know has multiple counts of lying, reckless endangerment of the American people, and potentially murder (Benghazi under her belt) so that was an easy open for pirro. But Warren is a bit more interesting as her name is now being thrown around by Clinton as a potential VP pick.

Watch below as Pirro not only says that both of these women are unfit for high office, but also eviscerates them on a massive scale and proves once and for all that these two should be taken out of politics COMPLETELY!

BOOM! If you agree with Judge Jeanine, I urge you to share this to everyone of your friends. We must continue to spread the conservative word and show the world how evil the Left truly is.

(Source: YouTube)