Obama’s Response To The Nice, France Terror Attacks Has Judge Jeanine Mad As Hell!

Judge Jeanine is PISSED! And why wouldn’t she be? Every single time we have a terrorist attack, which seem to be more now than in all of human history, Obama’s response is that of someone who hasn’t held a top office in their lives.

Judge Jeanine sees this and directly called out Obama for being “weak” on responses and that he “should be in academia.” We couldn’t agree more. Obama has been a do nothing president on so many fronts, but the war on terror may be his biggest downfall. He’s a president that continues to further the racial divide while simultaneously not protecting America from credible and imminent threats like ISIS and terrorism.

And Judge Pirro has had ENOUGH.

Pirro was on Fox and Friends to discuss what the world must do to combat radical Islamic terror after a man plowed a box truck through a crowd in Nice, southern France, killing at least 84 people.

She argued that the problem begins at the top, with a lack of leadership from the President of the United States, whom she called an “apologist” for America.

Steve Doocy asked what the president’s legacy will be following the recent spate of terror attacks in Europe, in Orlando and in San Bernardino.

“Weak! One word: weak. Not connected. … He doesn’t have a plan, he doesn’t have a policy. He should be in academia,” she said.

Pirro said ISIS is in the United States and we must declare war, consider surveillance of mosques and make sure imams are not radicalizing inmates in jails.

“They just want to kill us. How dumb are we?! Newt is right, we’re sheep saying ‘why are the wolves killing us?’ Or [saying] ‘be nice to the wolves, not all wolves are bad.’ Baloney!”

We’ve had enough too. Obama should be taken out of office Immediately and Trump put in his place. We need a proactive leader, not a reactive one. Someone who will take charge and make sure our country is safe.

Obama hasn’t done that even once.

(Source: Fox News)