Obama Will Make Sure Hillary Clinton Never Goes To Jail For Leaking Classified Emails. This Needs To STOP!

If you ever need proof that this administration doesn’t care about the law, here’s even more evidence to throw on top of the pile. While our troops are in a warzone, ISIS is looming down on American cities and our constitutional rights are being eroded every day, Obama and Clinton feel the need to take a vacation for nearly a month. I guess they’re all tuckered out.

While Hillary’s polls are plummeting versus her radical socialist competitor, Bernie Sanders, the bigger problem is the very real threat of jail time for making available classified emails, including locations of allied diplomats and weapons stock. She then deleted thousands of those emails before handing them over to the FBI.

Clinton met with Obama on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard and in lieu of the circumstances, was willing to forgive Obama in return for support for her cause. Fox News reports,

Last year before they met, Clinton criticized the administration’s foreign policy, arguing in a story in The Atlantic that failing to arm Syrian rebels against the regime of Syria’s Bashar al Assad could have contributed to the rise of radical Islamic groups in Syria and Iraq.

She called Obama a day before they met at a private party on the Vineyard and told reporters she would “absolutely” hug it out with the president.

What a coward.

When can she go to jail, like any regular citizen would? When will this liberal political game end?

(Source: FoxNews)