Obama Went Behind America’s Back And Gave Iran MILLIONS, But Just Got EXPOSED! He Wants This GONE!

Barack Obama looks to be getting a lot of bad press recently. Yesterday he badmouthed Donald Trump, calling him “unfit” to be President of the United States.

Of course, that’s laughable considering Obama is arguably the worst president the country has ever had. Racial divide? Terror attacks? Mass shootings? Largest debt in US history? Any of this ringing a bell? It’s all happened under Obama’s watch. And you’ll never guess what ELSE we’ve just unearthed about him.

Earlier this year US Sailors were detained by Iran and reports are now showing that Obama paid them off with an INSANE amount of money! This is nuts!

The U.S. government airlifted the equivalent of $400 million to Iran this past January, which occurred as four detained Americans were released by Tehran, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

The cash transfer was the first installment paid in a $1.7 billion settlement the Obama administration reached with Iran to resolve a failed 1979 arms deal dating from just before the Iranian Revolution.

State Department spokesman John Kirby denied the cash transfer was done to secure the release of the four Americans — Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian; Amir Hekmati, a former U.S. Marine; Christian pastor Saeed Abedini and Nosratollah Khosravi-Roodsari, whose case had not been publicized before the release.

Just another case of the Obama administration making deals with the devil. Iran is not a country we should be in talks with. Remember this is a country that says America is “the great satan.”

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(Source: Fox News)