Obama Wants To Send Our Troops To The Poor House. I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS!

Obama still doesn’t care about our troops. And here is shows yet again.

According to a reports today, Obama signed the defense authorization bill and that has completely changed the way our Troops get compensated for their bravery and heroism when defending American ideals. You’d think that giving them access to a 403(b), which is another retirement fund like a 401(k), instead of a pension fund would benefit our troops, but in reality this bill has completely crippled them from saving the same way they used to.

Obama has effectively signed over their poverty later in life due to 3 reasons:

One, the salaries of military vs. civilian employees doing virtually the same job is skewed towards the private sector, providing little or no incentive for young, bright and brave citizens to stay in the military beyond the training phase of their military career.

Two, there are no private sector companies that are expected to perform the same tasks as our military, i.e. conduct war.

And three, if you offer financial parachutes all along the way you will severely and critically weaken the most important aspect of a winning military team: Experience and leadership.

This is outrageous! He couldn’t care less! Someone take him out of office now. Seriously it can’t get much worse. We need to protect our service men and women and Obama wants to them to be poor after they’re done serving.

(Source: The Blaze)