Obama Wants To Ban Guns In Texas, The Governor Fired Back “COME & TAKE IT!” HA!

This is why Texas Governor Greg Abbott is one of my favorite people on the planet.

So we’ve all heard about Obama’s grand plan to disarm America and try to rid this country of gun related deaths and mass shootings. What Obama doesn’t get is that when people have no guns, everyone is unsafe. The isolated incidents that he’s experienced show a greater underlying issue of mental illness and horrible parenting by those who are attacking others.

Many on the right see Obama’s gun control as a terrible reaction to things that are out of our power. People need more help at home mentally. Governor Greg Abbott echos this when he issued Obama a reminder that we will not just give up our firearms.


And we should all be saying the same thing! We have this right, and we’ll fight for it until our dying day.

(Source: Twitter)