Obama Wants More Refugees. Bill O’Reilly SILENCES Him With These 6 Words!

Bill O’Reilly is a wise man and he has absolutely hit the nail on the head with this one.

Syrian and muslim refugees are at our doorstep with some even turning themselves in at the border to Mexico. American’s, along with myself, are not frightened, but more angered that our government would put us in potential danger, all for saving face globally. And that’s exactly what O’Reilly is speaking to in his most recent segment. He speaks to the fact that most American’s have no confidence at all that Obama and his administration can effectively protect the American people. And I agree! O’Reilly says, “The President could not care less,” and he’s right! Watch below at this incredible immigration takedown.

Once again, Bill O’Reilly shows us why he is one of the smartest men not only in all of television, but in the world today. Taking facts that liberals seem to completely miss and showing the world what is true is what he does best. We salute you once again, Mr. O’Reilly. Obama, just give it up. You just can’t win against a guy like him.

(Source: Fox News)