Obama Vacations Four Times Longer Than The Average American In A $12 Million Mansion

In more disconcerting news from the White House, the Washington Free Beacon is reporting that the Obama family is taking a 17 day vacation that started this past Friday. Why is this bad news? Because it’s nearly 4 times the average for an American family.

According to the article:

The Associated Press reported that the Obama family moved up the date of departure, extending their summer vacation to 17 days, more than four times the length of the average American vacation. In fact, Obama’s summer break is one day longer than the total amount of vacation time the average American worker is allotted for an entire year.

The first family will reside in the same $12 million mansion in Chilmark that they rented last year. Positioned on 10 acres of land, the 8,100-square-foot home houses seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The estate is enhanced by a dual basketball/tennis court and an infinity pool.

I think that qualifies as taxpayer money going to a completely useless cause. Hey, I’m all for vacations, but this is ridiculous. Just another reason I cannot wait for this do-nothing president to be out of office!