Obama Tries To Trash Donald Trump And Turns Into A Stuttering Mess…HA HA!

I absolutely cannot stop laughing at this massive blunder we see before us in this video.

Obama, usually eloquent with the use of his teleprompters, apparently didn’t have enough sleep or went completely off script (something he’s not very good at doing) and stammered and stuttered through his badmouthing of Donald Trump.

Not only is this a great example of Obama being his real self, but it outlines that Obama is absolutely spooked by Trump and his coming presidency, and he should be.

Trump will turn the establishment on its ear and change America into the prosperous and industrious nation it once was. But for now, enjoy these videos of Obama completely losing it. HA HA!


I can’t stop laughing at this buffoon flubbing his lines. What’s wrong, Barry, scared of a real leader taking your place? HA HA!

(Source: YouTube)