Obama Told Russia To STOP BOMBING ISIS! Putin’s Response? OMG!

Can someone please just throw this traitor in prison? Anyone? Bueller?

Obama has just gone too far this time. He continually proves that he is not interested int the safety of Americans and nearly always takes the easy way out of things while hiding at the golf course. Here’s a great example of this.

Yesterday, Obama issued a stern warning to Russia and President Putin to stop bombing “moderate” Syrian rebels. We all know there is no such thing and this was equivalent to Obama telling Putin to stop bombing ISIS, due tot he fact that US-backed rebels started ISIS in the first place. Unreal.



U.S. President Barack Obama urged Russia on Sunday to stop bombing “moderate” rebels in Syria in support of its ally President Bashar al-Assad, a campaign seen in the West as a major obstacle to latest efforts to end the war.

Russian bombing raids directed at rebel groups are helping the Syrian army to achieve what could be its biggest victory of the war in the battle for Aleppo, the country’s largest city and commercial centre before the conflict.

So Russia is helping get rid of ISIS and Obama says to stop? Yup. That’s exactly what’s happening.

The Kremlin said President Vladimir Putin and Obama had spoken by telephone and agreed to intensify cooperation to implement the Munich agreement.

But a Kremlin statement made clear Russia was committed to its campaign against Islamic State and “other terrorist organisations”, an indication that it would also target groups in western Syria where jihadists such as al Qaeda are fighting Assad in close proximity to rebels deemed moderate by the West.

BOOM! Putin told Obama to shove it! This is epic and further proves that Putin is a better leader than Obama ever was or ever will be.

(Source: Reuters)