Obama Spit In EVERY Soldier’s Face With What He Just Did! IMPEACH NOW!

Here’s more undeniable proof that Obama couldn’t care less how our troops are treated in any aspect of their lives.

When Iran captures U.S. sailors recently, Obama did nothing as usual and Iran let them go. Turns out there was much more than meets the eye to this story, and much more than the liberal media is telling us.

Now we have a video confirmed that a U.S. sailor was not only distraught, but brought to tears as to weather or not they would live the experience. Obama infamously brokered nothing with Iran, a country he struck a deal with to lift sanctions on, for what seems to be, outright evil reasons.

This is disgusting and makes me furious!


What makes this even more infuriating is that Iran is using this as propaganda in their country to show that the U.S. is not only weak, but that Iran can do whatever it wants without any repercussions.

That’s why it’s such a slap in the face when Obama’s very own John Kerry thanked Iran for their “cooperation” and “quick response.”

All the while, they detained allied soldiers and recorded humiliating videos to use for propaganda against the country that is supplying them with more than $100 billion.

I can only hope that whoever is in office next (hopefully a Republican and hopefully Trump) will rectify this situation with swift justice. Iran should be held accountable for its horrific acts.

(Source: Twitter)