Obama SKIPS Justice Scalia’s Funeral To Go WHERE!? IMPEACH NOW!

It comes to the point where I can’t even believe these things anymore, yet Obama continues to top himself in ways to disgust me.

After Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s unfortunate passing away, Obama announced that he would not attend the funeral. So what would he be doing instead? I mean he’s a busy guy right? Surely there will be something on his schedule. And there is.

And it’s going to make you want to vomit.


In spite of the fact that he couldn’t find time on his schedule to attend the funeral of the Supreme Court justice he’s now attempting to replace by any means necessary, he’s decided to make a visit to one of the most homicidal, anti-American sibling acts in world history: Raul and Fidel Castro.

And here’s the tweet to prove it.


This is absolutely disgusting. Just because you didn’t appoint the justice doesn’t mean you shouldn’t attend the funeral. President Obama, you are a horrible person. Have some damn respect.

(Sources: Conservative Tribune and Twitter)