Obama Says “I Changed America For The Better” And Gets An EPIC Reality Check! HA!

Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a more brutal smack down on a president by a member of the house.

Obama continues his farewell tour by continuing to say that America is in a better spot than it was 8 years ago. He’s said that there’s more work to do this year, but he’s constantly flaunting his “accomplishments” of Obamacare, the new Iran deal, and gun control. We all know these are things that haven’t helped America in the slightest.

Now he’s being called out for it. Speaker of the house Paul Ryan just unleashed a huge check against Obama. And we should take him at his word as he’s been around Obama as much as anyone in congress.

That’s awesome! Finally someone talking some sense into his mindset.

(Source: YouTube)