Obama Releases Thousands Of Criminals And Wants To Ban Guns. What The ****?!!

Here’s what I don’t get: how has Obama lasted this long? With stories like these, why hasn’t congress simply impeached him?

The justice department in the Obama administration is set to release 6,000 prisoners. Why are they set to do this? Because former Attorney General Eric Holder changed how prosecutors prosecute drug offenders. This will be the largest release of criminals in U.S. history.

And just who are they releasing?


About 6,000 inmates are due to be freed from custody in the coming month, the result of changes made last year to guidelines that provide judges with recommended sentences for specific crimes. Federal officials say roughly 40,000 inmates could be eligible for reduced sentences in coming years.

Many of them are small-time drug dealers targeted by an approach to drug enforcement now condemned by many as overly harsh and expensive. But an AP analysis of nearly 100 court cases also identified defendants who carried semi-automatic weapons, had past convictions for robbery and other crimes, moved cocaine shipments across states, and participated in international heroin smuggling.

Yup. That’s right. Illegal immigrants. The same kind that murdered a woman earlier this year in California. And all this is on the heels of the Oregon shooting where Obama said we need more gun laws and gun control. He’s trying to make guns illegal while putting dangerous criminals back on our streets?! How does this make any sense!? Here is an example of who’s being released.

Willie Best, a one-time District of Columbia drug dealer whose sentence was already slashed under past crack guideline changes, had an additional month taken off and is due out in 2016.

Great. Thanks Obama. You’re continuing to make this country a living hell.

(Source: The Associated Press)