There are people that defend Barack Obama and his “fight” against ISIS. It’s a theoretical fight, because he’s done almost nothing against the group that kills Christians every day and carries out terror attacks against the rest of the world.

In a new report, it’s apparent that the Obama Administration knows about increases in terrorist activity in the capital of Libya, however they choose to do nothing about it – maybe making it a problem for the next president, perhaps.

It’s a despicable move that should show everyone where Obama’s real allegiances lie – and they’re definitely not with the American people.

The Daily Beast reports,


Despite the growing threat from the self-proclaimed Islamic State in Libya, the Obama administration has turned down a U.S. military plan for an assault on ISIS’s regional hub there, three defense officials told The Daily Beast.

In recent weeks, the U.S. military—led by its Africa and Special Operations Commands—have pushed for more airstrikes and the deployment of elite troops, particularly in the city of Sirte. The hometown of former Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi, the city is now under ISIS control and serving as a regional epicenter for the terror group.

The airstrikes would target ISIS resources while a small band of Special Operations Forces would train Libyans to eventually be members of a national army, the officials said.

Weeks ago, defense officials told The New York Times that they were crafting military plans for such strikes, but needed more time to develop intelligence so that they could launch a sustained air campaign on ISIS in Sirte.

But those plans have since been put on the back burner.

“There is little to no appetite for that in this administration,” one defense official explained.

Instead, the U.S. will continue to do occasional strikes that target high value leaders, like the November drone strike that killed Abu Nabil al-Anbari, the then-leader of ISIS in Libya.

“There’s nothing close to happening in terms of a major military operation. It will continue to be strikes like the kind we saw in November against Abu Nabil,” a second defense official explained to The Daily Beast.

The division over what action the U.S. and the international community should take in Libya speaks to the uncertainty about when and where ISIS should be countered.

In addition to that, ISIS continues to engage in horrific acts of subjugation, terror, outright murder of its people, and mixing trained ISIS operatives in with civilians. This poses a threat to every European nation that has an “open border” policy with refugees and could likely lead to another massive Paris-like attack.


According to U.S. military figures, there are roughly 5,000 ISIS fighters in Libya, a spike from 1,000 just a few months ago. Defense officials believe that ISIS supporters are moving toward Libya, having found it increasingly difficult to travel to Iraq and Syria.

Perhaps because of that, Sirte, and areas around it, are increasingly falling victim to ISIS’s barbaric practices. And some are urging the international community not to wait until Sirte falls further under ISIS control, and filled with fighters mixed in with civilians.

According to this report, residents there cannot leave the city freely as ISIS fighters—many of them from Egypt, Chad, Niger, and Tunisia—inspect outgoing cars for signs of residents trying to escape. As in Raqqa and Mosul, residents do not have access to cell phone or Internet networks and live under an ISIS judicial system that issues death sentences to those who do not practice the terror group’s brand of Islam.

The issue that Obama has with Libya? Their government needs to change – a process that is necessarily long and drawn out, all the while militant Islamists crowd its borders and offer nothing but death to anyone who disagrees,

The administration had said that it would not intervene until Libya, which now is governed by two rival governments on opposite sides of the country, had created a single entity to govern the state.

But while the president said the U.S. would go after ISIS “anywhere it appeared,” he stopped short of saying the U.S. would expand its effort in Libya unilaterally.

“We will continue to take actions where we’ve got a clear operation and a clear target in mind. And we are working with our other coalition partners to make sure that as we see opportunities to prevent ISIS from digging in, in Libya, we take them. At the same time, we’re working diligently with the United Nations to try to get a government in place in Libya,” the president said. “And that’s been a problem.”

It’s clear that Obama’s allegiances lie elsewhere and he does not care about the lives of free civilized people in the world. We are at war. ISIS knows we are at war. It’s time we stopped kowtowing and taken them out with the trillions of dollars of weaponry we’ve paid for. Who’s with me?

(Source: The Daily Beast)