Obama Realizes He’s Not Welcome In America Anymore

President Obama has taken a break from hobnobbing with celebrities and once again thrown himself into D.C. Politics. The former president headlined a Democratic fundraiser last week that was attended by senior party members.

While he was in office Obama tried to portray himself as an everyman, a guy that you could grab a beer with, but the second that he left office he sloughed off that persona. He’s spent the past few months touring the world with a revolving cast of celebrities and staying in ultra luxurious accommodations.

Obama’s popularity has swelled slightly after he left office, as people began to forget what a horrendous job he did. However, there are Americans who were never swayed by ex-commander in chief’s silvery rhetoric.

Watch below:

Attorney General Eric Holder and Rep. Nancy Pelosi were both present at last week’s fundraiser. Democrats hope to rig the upcoming redistricting efforts in their favor. They have to do something desperate if they want to have any hope of winning.

It’s a sign of how few viable presidential candidates exist among the left that they have to keep trotting out Obama. As Hillary Clinton’s defeat amply demonstrated, Obama doesn’t have that much influence left with the average American. He told them to vote for Clinton and instead, they voted for President Trump.

The Daily Mail reports:

“The 435 congressional districts that elect lawmakers to the US House of Representatives are redrawn every 10 years following the national census. Local legislatures, and not the federal government or the US Congress, redraw these boundaries. Republicans currently control the legislatures in 32 of the nation’s 50 states.”

If Democrats could redraw Congressional districts to suit themselves they’ll have a much easier time winning future elections.

Don’t be fooled by Obama. He’s a masterful speaker in a live setting, but often when you reflect upon his words you find that they have had little bearing on either his actions, or the policies that he proposed while at the White House.

(Source: Daily Mail)