Obama Puts Forward An ISIS And Terrorist Strategy. Immediately Gets Told, “You’re An IDIOT.” AWESOME!

We all know Obama is soft on foreign policy, especially when it comes to ISIS and terrorism. We’ve documented it in full detail here on Yes I’m Right before.

But now comes what might be the most damning piece of evidence that Obama just doesn’t care about taking out ISIS. It comes directly from someone who survived an ISIS prison. A former Iraqi military member, Master Sergeant Karam Saad, gave a tell all interview to the IJ Review and it is eye opening. he tells about his time as an ISIS captive and tells Obama what it’s really like in the middle east right now.

I was taught by some of the best U.S. Marine Corps instructors in the world, so I am trained to handle very tough situations.

ISIS would use electrical wires on my back. They would tie a bag off around my neck and fill it with water, all in attempt to get something out of me.

All they give you to eat is one piece of bread and one apple a day. But you’re so scared to eat it, because you don’t know if they poisoned it or not.

He goes on.

They tortured the sh** out of the Christians and some died in the process. They would take some and lock them in a kind of casket, and set it on fire from the inside.

The airstrikes are not effective and there are really no functional operations. The coalition is bullsh**! They might get a couple good shots here or there, but for the most part it’s not an effective strategy.

In the future, I feel that the Republicans will be more effective to battle ISIS than the Democrats will. Since 1991, the Republicans have been better allies than Democrats. The Democrats have a stupid strategy. I had spent a long time on the battlefield with the Republicans politics and we’ve had way more victories in the fight.

Under the Obama administration, America is not taking this fight seriously.

And remember, this is from someone who was directly captured and tortured by ISIS. Hey Democrats, are you getting it yet?

(Source: IJ Review)