Obama Is Releasing Prisoners So They Can Do One HORRIBLE Thing. He’s DONE!

Obama is really good at one thing: making the office of the president look like an absolute sham.

Conservative radio host has gone on record saying that he believes that Obama will release thousands more prisoners just for the exclusive reason to get them to vote.

I’m sure that the terms of those releases will be to vote liar and general horrible human being Hillary Clinton into office to keep the liberal mindset the center of Washington.

Here’s what Levin had to say:

Here’s the full transcript of the clip:

Everything good is turned upside down, and now he wants to release thousands more prisoners. And he doesn’t want those hiring at the federal level, in the federal bureaucracy, to be able to know if people have actually served time in certain circumstances. This is just incredible to me. Just think about Obama, what his priorities are. Illegal aliens, not American citizens. American citizens he has contempt for, particularly white people — let’s be honest here — who have racism in their DNA. It’s the damnedest thing. This president sides with rioters against police officers. This president sides with criminals against successful tax-paying citizens. And I got to thinking. This is his constituent group. This is his constituent group, and so the more people they can release — maybe at some point he’ll release these people and give them a blanket pardon. You’ve heard it here first because I think maybe that’s what’s going on. You know because in some states you can’t vote.

Unreal. Conservatives all over the country should combat this and take each and every vote for the Democratic party with a grain of salt. If they can recall us (Bush, 2004) we can recall them.

(Source: The Daily Caller)