Obama Is Going Behind Congress’ Back To Release TERRORISTS! IMPEACH NOW!

Obama hates America: confirmed.

As President Obama tries to shut down Guantanamo Bay Prison, democrats flock to his side saying that this is the best thing to do. All the while, detainees are being released and engaging in terroristic activities all over the world. This is a fact as detainees released are now back in the Al Qaeda ranks, recruiting again.

Obama admin Loretta Lynch has said that it’s illegal to transfer Guantanamo detainees to U.S. soil. While that might be true, it’s also illegal to use federal funds to shut down the Prison.

obama lynch

“With respect to individuals being transferred to the United States, the law currently does not allow that,” Lynch testified before the House Judiciary Committee. “Certainly it is the position of the Department of Justice that we would follow the law of the land in regard on that issue.”

House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has threatened the White House with a lawsuit should the Obama administration proceed unilaterally with its plan to shut down the prison.

“If the President proceeds with knowingly breaking the law and asking the military to knowingly break the law he will be met with fierce bipartisan opposition here in Congress and we are taking all legal preparations necessary to meet that resistance,” Ryan told reporters Wednesday.

Not only this, but here’s why it’s illegal.

“Current law prohibits the use of funds to ‘transfer, release, or assist in the transfer or release’ of detainees from Guantánamo Bay to or within the United States and prohibits the construction, modification, or acquisition of any facility in the United States to house any Guantanamo detainee,” wrote Army Lt. Gen. William Mayville, director of the Joint Staff in the letter.

Rep. Pompeo noted that the JCS joined Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter in asserting that President Obama is prohibited by federal law from bringing Guantanamo detainees to the United States.

So Obama is not only trying to break the law, he’s being praised for it. How have we not impeached this guy yet?

(Source: Breitbart)