Obama Helped ISIS Kill Hundreds Of Thousands For Iran. We Cannot Let This Stand!

This is the kind of president we have, ladies and gentlemen.

Obama, in his infinite wisdom, or lack thereof, decided to be judge, jury, and executioner when it came to the Iran deal and leaving a vast majority of Syrians off of our radar.

Not only is this a massive sign of where Obama’s allegiances lie, but it’s extremely scary that the official that was elected to the highest office of the land essentially helped the extermination of thousands of innocent people.


Obama managed to convince the American public that doing nothing was “the smart and moral policy.” The way Obama sees it, the United States causes more problems than it solves, and besides there wasn’t much we could do anyway by backing a bunch of rag-tag rebels against Assad and his allies.

So the best bet is to stay out of anything possible to forward your own agenda, while allowing a mass exodus from a country that harbors a massive amount of terrorists? Yup.

Obama however kept his eyes on the prize: the Iran deal. Same when it came to enforcing the red line he drew against Assad’s use of chemical weapons. No one in their right mind believes that firing missiles on Assad regime facilities was likely to compel the White House to land forces in Syria. Obama’s concern rather was that if the United States signaled that it was no longer protecting Assad it might turn the balance of power against the Syrian regime. But that of course would anger the Iranians, and all Obama wanted was an accommodation with the regime—and now he has one in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

So regardless of the outcome, Obama made a decision that helped kill hundreds of thousands of people. Great job. Once again I ask: can’t we just focus on our own country and leave the middle east to blow themselves up? This can’t be that hard to comprehend.

(Source: The Weekly Standard)