Obama Forced Schools To Shut Down Because Obamacare Made Them Broke

Just when we thought Obamacare couldn’t have got any worse…

Obamacare is the complex, confusing, and just plain terrible plan that Obama and his administration came up with to try and help America’s health care problems.

Unfortunately, all it’s done is confuse people and cause more problems than any good. Here’s a fine example of it. In Tennessee, a school district is having to close the doors on several schools because of the added costs it needs to make up for due to Obamacare.


Jerry Strong, the Clay County Director of Schools, said, ‘the Affordable Care Act… has made it very difficult for us to have our employees properly covered and meet the mandates of the law.’ The school district was already struggling with their budget, ‘struggling with budget concerns for three years.’

‘This is a poor, rural county and we already have the seventh-highest property tax rate in the whole state of Tennessee,’ he said. ‘Our property taxes, they’re high enough.’

This means that close to 1,150 students won’t be going to class or getting any sort of education for the time being until this issue is resolved. 1,150 students who’s educations are already paid for by the taxpayers.

Just more proof that Obama and his administration don’t think anything all the way through when they try to help. Hey, Obama, stop trying to help! You’re making everything worse. Can’t wait until he’s gone.

(Source: Hot Air)