Obama Doesn’t Care About Screening Syrian Refugees, Even If They Hate America!

So let me get this straight: Obama wants to veto a bill that would put higher scrutiny on Syrian refugees trying to get into the U.S.? Yup. He’s that stupid.

Given what has happened the last 3 months in the middle east and Europe, especially the Paris attacks last week, Obama still just doesn’t get it. He wants to veto a Republican bill that would put higher security scrutiny on incoming Syrian refugees to the U.S. I say, don’t allow any at all, but if we do, the VERY LEAST we can do it properly screen them right? According to Obama: Nope.

Given the lives at stake and the critical importance to our partners in the Middle East and Europe of American leadership in addressing the Syrian refugee crisis … [Obama] would veto the bill.

Unreal. How can you be so naive? I am honestly at a loss for words. He’s going to allow Syrians into the country with possible ties to ISIS, and we won’t even know it. Pathetic. What a traitor.

How can we stop this? Can anyone help at this point?

(Source: Fox News)