NRA CEO Takes A Strong Stand On Bump Stocks – ‘They Need To…’

In the wake of the Vegas massacre, the Left is using the tragedy as fuel for its latest gun-grabbing effort. For liberals, crises like the horrific events that transpired in Vegas are opportunities increase the power of the State, to rile up people’s emotion so they’ll more easily hand over what’s left of their rights.

Emotional manipulation via their near ubiquitous control of the media in this country is the Left’s forte. However, while it’s highly effective, there’s still at least one institution defending the Second Amendment from those seeking our disarmament.

As reported at the New York Post, the head of the National Rifle Association, Wayne LaPierre, has refused to commit to the latest gun-grabbing effort making its way through Congress.

All the rage right now is the evil “bump stock,” which makes it easier to fire rapidly by utilizing the kick of the gun. Stephen Paddock utilized this tool in his crime, and now liberals everywhere are fear-mongering about it, claiming it makes a gun no different than a fully automatic weapon.

Speaking on CBS’ Face the Nation, LaPierre highlighted the disgusting attempts to politicize the massacre to push gun control. “There are monsters like this monster out there every day. There are menaces out there every day. People want to be able to protect themselves.”

He then attacked the “elites” who “protect themselves with armed security” for using the dead for political purposes.

“All the elites that have been speaking out this past week, they all want to protect themselves. They all protect themselves with armed security,” LaPierre said.

While LaPierre wouldn’t back the bill being pushed by Diane Feinstein, which would ban bump stocks altogether, he did say that additional regulations on them might be possible.

“I think you want to tell ATF to do its job,” LaPierre said. “It is an interpretive the issue. And they need to get the job done, but not let Dianne Feinstein, which is what she wants to do, turn this all into some Christmas tree on the Hill, where she brings all of her anti-gun circus she has been trying to do for years into this.”

While most of what LaPierre said and has said when it comes to gun control issues has been good, he’d better be careful. His tacit acceptance of increased regulations on bump stocks is not a good sign, as it signals that he’s somewhat acquiescing to the liberal propaganda machine and trying to make it look like he’s willing to “do something” as leftists love to say.

It’s always “We have to do something!” in the wake of these tragedies, but do we really? Of course not. Passing policies based on extreme outliers is the height of foolishness. Do yourself a favor and check the FBI’s crime database to see just how insane and unfounded the Left’s fear-mongering is on gun issues, especially the “scary assault rifles.” It’ll make one rage even more at the GOP’s wavering on gun issues.

LaPierre should know better by now that bending to the Left even a little is a fool’s gambit. They’ll never be satisfied, no matter how much conservatives compromise. Instead, they’ll thank us for our help and return to trashing us again, hoping to once more beat us down into submission, until we’re ground into dust. Which means lines that are drawn must never be redrawn, something that the GOP better learn and abide by quick if it wants to be a party come the next decade.

Source: New York Post