North Korea Threatens US With Nuclear Weapons, Obama Is SILENT

Today we look a bit more to the left (on a map that is) than our liberal counterparts for some seriously amusing news our of the far east.

North Korea, a nation ravaged by a ruthless dictator, crippling poverty, and a crumbling infrastructure has threatened to invade the U.S. in a recent statement by their state TV which is controlled by the government and leader, Kim Jong Un.

‘If Washington does not cancel its planned military exercises with South Korea, North Korea has issued new nuclear threats and says it is ready to use its latest weapons, which “are unknown to the world.’ The drills, called Ulchi Freedom Guardian, are due to start Monday are designed to ‘protect the region and maintain stability on the Korean peninsula.’ However, as expected Pyongyang is not happy, ‘If [the] United States wants their mainland to be safe,’ said state TV, ‘then the Ulchi Freedom Guardian should stop immediately.’

(Source: Zero Hedge)

This is of course laughable since this is a country that can’t even finish building a hotel it started back in 1987.

Washington has brushed aside the comments coming out of Pyongyang, with a former US Army general, who had previously taken part in the Ulchi drills saying that the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is just seeking attention from the international community.

Not surprising. A backward regime with a toddler as a leader. Almost makes Obama look tolerable. Almost.