North Korea Threatens The US With Long-Range Nukes, What Does Obama Do?

Any nuclear threat is a credible threat. Especially from whack job nations like North Korea.

Once again, NK has come out with threats of nuclear war against neighboring nations and the U.S. in particular. This time though, there is a new wrinkle in it’s hate filled message. Apparently they have started up production, again, of nuclear materials at a complex shut down since 2007.

Not great news. But it gets worse:


The director of North Korea’s Atomic Energy Institute said his country was ready to counter any U.S. military aggression with ‘nuclear weapons any time.’

He highlighted that his nation’s scientists ‘made innovations day by day’ to ‘guarantee the reliability of the nuclear deterrent… as required by the prevailing situation.’

Great. That’s all we need. ISIS from the middle east and nukes from N. Korea. Perfect. Wait, what’s that? There’s more? Oh man what now.

David Albright, a former U.N. weapons inspector, believes North Korea likely has between 10 to 15 nuclear weapons now and could have anywhere from 20 to 100 by 2020.

Intelligence agencies believe North Korea is developing the technology to miniaturize its weapons, so they can be mounted on ballistic missiles.

The Wall Street Journal reports: ‘There’s no hard evidence to show North Korea can make a nuclear device small enough to mount on a long-range missile, but U.S. military officials believe it probably has the ability.’

This seems like a much more credible threat than the last time they wanted attention. Where’s Obama on this? Probably not caring about this and furthering his deal with Iran for oil, no doubt.

(Source: Western Journalism)