North Korea Just Declared War On THE WORLD And Obama Is IGNORING It!

In today’s crazy international political landscape, there are countries that are with it, and ones that have clearly gone insane. North Korea is the latter. Throughout the years, North Korea and its totalitarian communistic regime have been arming themselves to take on the menace that is the Western world.

Recently, they launched their first rocket into low-Earth orbit and were actually successful. What this means is that not only do they have the capability to attack a long-range target, but they’re willing to put everything on the line to destroy their enemies, including neighbor and US ally South Korea.

According to Foxtrot Alpha,

Just as expected, North Korea executed another long-range rocket launch on Saturday morning. The Hermit Kingdom says the rocket’s mission was to put its so-called “Shining Star No. 4 earth viewing satellite” into low-earth orbit, and it looks like they did just that.

The launch was first detected by a South Korean AEGIS equipped destroyer as the rocket rose from North Korea’s Sohae Launch Station along the country’s west coast.

The BBC reports that South Korean lawmakers were told the payload most likely weighed around 440 pounds, and that is about double the weight of the payload from North Korea’s last major rocket launch in 2012.

Although the rocket is a long way from being on par with anything the US or its allies have to offer, it’s a sobering reminder that there’s a country that’s relentless in its quest to destroy Western values. Obama, of course, hasn’t said anything on the matter and sweeps all breaking news of this magnitude neatly under the rug.

I can’t wait until we have someone in the White House that takes any and all threats to its citizens seriously.

(Source: Foxtrot Alpha)