North Korea Aims New Long-Range Nuclear Missiles At America, Obama Is SILENT

We now have confirmation that North Korea should not be messed with.

Not that it’s likely that they would fire nukes, but the kicker is that liberals continue to remain silent on this issue. A crackpot nation like North Korea having the ability, in any capacity, to fire nukes at the U.S., when they repeatedly have threatened our country as much as Iran has, is not something we should take lightly.


Admiral Bill Gortney, commander of US Northern Command and the North American Aerospace Defense Command, said he agreed with US intelligence assessments that North Korea had nuclear weapons, as well as the ability to miniaturize them and put them on a rocket that could reach the United States.

‘We assess that they have the capability to reach the homeland with a nuclear weapon from a rocket,’ Gortney told an event hosted by the Atlantic Council think tank.

So what is the Admiral’s ultimatum to this news?

‘We’re ready for him, and we’re ready 24 hours a day if he should be dumb enough to shoot something at us,’ Gortney said. ‘I’m pretty confident that we’re going to knock down the numbers that are going to be shot.’

But the point here is that it’s taken an Admiral to admit this, and no one in Obama’s administration to. Once again, it’s a case of liberals and the liberal media just covering up the truth.

(Source: Business Insider)