North Carolina School SHUT DOWN, Student Shouts “I’m With ISIS, I Have A Bomb!”

Breaking news out of North Carolina, where a student proclaimed that he tried to become a member of ISIS and issued a bomb threat in class.

This is off the heels of the Ahmed Mohamed “clock hoax bomb” case that had the nation clutching at its collective pearls and ended up with an invite from the White House and a free ride at any school in the country.

However, this bomb threat won’t end that way, mainly because this boy is white and made a threat.

According to WSOC TV,


Northwest Cabarrus High School was evacuated by police Friday morning after Paul Warner, 16, made verbal threats, officials said.

Warner pleaded not guilty Monday morning.

Police told Channel 9 that Warner stood up in class and said he had a bomb.

During the incident, police said Warner allegedly said he tried to join ISIS.

A teacher called a resource officer, who found two knives on Warner.

Police said they evacuated and searched the school, because they didn’t know if he had anything else on him or in the school.

Warner is charged with possession of a weapon on school property and making a false bomb threat.

Deputies are still investigating whether Warner had actual ties to ISIS or terrorism. 

This is a damn shame. The only way to stop this is to stay safe, stay ARMED.

(Source: WSOC TV)