While No One Is Looking, Trump Makes Move To Finally End It

While all the focus right now is on the tragedy in Las Vegas, rightfully so, the Trump administration is making an important move to protect the nation from the unelected bureaucrats at the EPA.

A policy that went under the radar, yet was incredibly important, was the EPA’s Clean Power Plan, put into place under Obama. It was intended to combat climate change by targeting carbon emissions, placing tight restrictions on them. But Trump is about to do away with the onerous regulations.

As reported at the Daily Mail, under new leadership, the EPA will propose repealing the Clean Power Plan, and it will begin researching new rules to replace it.

Back in March, Trump signed an executive order that called for the EPA to review the policy, and now the next phase is repeal.

While the Clean Power Plan is popular amongst global warming cultists, 27 states took Obama to court over the rules when they were launched in 2015. That’s because the states most affected by the rules were red states, which would see their coal mining and oil drilling come under even tighter regulations.

The lawsuit has yet to be resolved, as it’s currently suspended in the left-wing DC Circuit Court of Appeals, which is awaiting news from the EPA about what it plans to do to the regulations. Right now, the Clean Power Plan is the primary policy keeping the US in line with the controversial Paris Climate Agreement. But if the rules are repealed, it will signal Trump’s resolve to go it alone on the issue of carbon emissions.

It remains to be seen what the president will replace the rules with, but hopefully, it won’t a job-destroying nightmare policy that its predecessor was.

Source: Daily Mail