No One Expected Donald Trump To Tweet Himself Doing This! This Is Unbelievable!

Donald Trump! Here’s our man! If he can do it, I know we can!

Trump is a man of his word. And when he says he’s going to do something, well he’s going to. And this time, it’s about taxes. Trump has repeatedly said that he will reform this country’s massive debt, help out those who need it, and get America back on track. And how does one do that? By doing his own taxes and signing the return it himself.

Seriously this picture makes me so happy that we could potentially have a president with this kind of attention to detail.


Trump also unveiled his own tax plan for America recently. From Breitbart:

If you are single and earn less than $25,000, or married and jointly earn less than $50,000, you will not owe any income tax. That removes nearly 75 million households – over 50% – from the income tax rolls. They get a new one page form to send the IRS saying, ‘I win,’ those who would otherwise owe income taxes will save an average of nearly $1,000 each.

Wow! What a guy and what a business man. Seriously, there is no one better than Trump for this job. Trump 2016!

(Sources: Breitbart and Twitter)