NFL Players Finally Stand For Nat’l Anthem, And LOOK What Happens To The Ratings

The NFL is finally letting go of its petulance. Following a weekend of rampant kneeling, the New England Patriots and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers chose to honor the flag during their Thursday night game.

Fans loved it. Ratings soared; far more fans tuned in this week.

People were disgusted by the players’ protest. President Trump suggested that owners should fire players who refused to stand for the anthem, and the league reacted by throwing a fit.

Last week over 200 players participated in some form of protest.

“During Thursday night’s game, the players and coaches first held a moment of silence to honor the victims who were killed in the Las Vegas massacre Sunday night, before all the Buccaneers and Patriots players stood for the national anthem,” the Daily Caller reports.

It’s about time players started behaving with class. They’re athletes who get paid exorbitant fees to entertain the public. Being asked to refrain from protesting while you’re on the football field isn’t a violation of your rights.

(Source: Daily Caller)