Newt Gingrich Exposed Every LIE Hillary Told In Her Awful DNC Speech On LIVE TV

On the last night of the Democratic National Convention, the much-awaited acceptance speech of Hillary Clinton finally happened, and it was…garbage. Pure, unadulterated garbage.

Not only was it boring, but it outlined that Hillary Clinton is a politician that doesn’t give two hot craps about the truth and she has proven that when she’s on the ropes politically, she doubles down and tries to get people to believe the lie.

Well, guess what, Hillary, America ain’t falling for it, no matter how much you rig the system and no matter how many actors you pay to fill seats at your speech.

Thankfully, we have people who have served in office that know a thing or two about how the game is played, and they can call all of Hillary’s moves before she does them. Newt¬†Gingrich, former Speaker Of The House, called out Hillary’s acceptance speech as being completely and utterly detached from reality, with Fox News’ Sean Hannity following up for the 1-2 punch that ended in a figurative knockout.

Gingrich lays out the ugly truth with facts and statistics – the thing that is absolute death for Clinton’s campaign.¬†Here’s Gingrich absolutely destroying Clinton. I can’t stop cheering him on!

Amen, Mr. Gingrich. Amen.