New Poll CONFIRMS That Donald Trump Will Win By A LANDSLIDE!

I think it’s time for the rest of the GOP to throw in the towel. Trump is a steam roller ready to rumble over anyone and anything in his path!

Donald Trump’s powerful speeches along with his unrelenting drive to be at the top, have given him a strong foothold in the GOP race for the nomination. This couple with the fact that voters are sick of career politicians (Rubio) and liars (Clinton) and Trump looks as though he’s ready to win it all. And the BBC seems to think the same thing.


When Donald Trump takes the stage at the Republican debate in Charleston, South Carolina, on Thursday night, he’ll have an unlikely home field advantage.

The New York real estate mogul has posted a consistently commanding lead in presidential preference polls in the state.

In fact, across the South – in states like Mississippi, Florida, Texas, Georgia and North Carolina – Mr Trump has been immensely popular. Last August, the candidate gave a speech at a football stadium in Mobile, Alabama, that drew an estimated crowd of 30,000 – orders of magnitude above what any other Republican has tallied.

But as Donald Trump stood in a packed basketball arena on Friday in Rock Hill, South Carolina – the state where the first shots of the US Civil War were fired – it appeared clear that the New York businessman’s appeal transcends accents and upbringing.

“He’ll take the South,” said Thomas Goodson of Harksville, South Carolina. “No doubt about it.”

He added that he found the candidate’s New York bluntness refreshing. “He tells you like it is, and it hits you right, square between the eyes.”

Damn straight! We support Trump and we will be voting for him every single chance we get.

What about you? Will you be voting Trump in 2016? Let’s hear it in the comments!

(Source: BBC)