New Liberal Email Scandal That May Prove That Obama STOLE The Last Election!

Back in 2012, a scandal rocked the IRS. And guess what? It was ANOTHER email scandal. Largely, the liberal media has forgotten about it. Why? Because they want you to not talk about how it’s just as bad, if not worse, than Hillary’s debacle.

Lois Lerner was the mastermind behind the scandal which targeted conservative groups during the 2012 election and which many believe handed Obama his second term because of the predatory tactics used by his administration against conservatives in the past using IRS targeting.

Well now there is recently revealed news and it’s a bombshell. Allen B. West reports,

Lois Lerner was using a secret personal email account, under a phony name, to conduct IRS business.

Hmmmm. This sounds familiar.

This new revelation both raises more questions and significantly ups the appearance of subterfuge going on at this federal agency feared — and perhaps, rightly so — by so many Americans. And given how directly this IRS scandal has the potential to touch each of us — especially us conservatives — what we’ve just learned about Lois Lerner’s emails may be even more scary than what’s going on with Hillary Clinton’s.

But will anyone in the mainstream media report on this? As Newscasters reports, nope — at least, not yet. That very fact may be a big reason behind what may be the most chilling part of this whole scandal: the Obama administration’s ease at covering it up. Because as shocking as the revelation of the secret email account is, what should be more shocking — and downright chilling — to every American is how successfully our current administration has been at burying what appears to be a blatant use of the IRS as a political weapon.

Couldn’t agree more! I urge you all to go to this article and read the whole thing. It is a scathing reminder that we should never forget anything the liberal media tried to bury. Bring it to the surface and get these people out of office!