New Hillary Email Revelation PROVES She Covered Up Benghazi Attack! SHE’S GOING DOWN!

This could finally be the one, single email that puts her in front of a court and in prison where she belongs.

During the long, drawn out FBI investigation into the Hillary Clinton email server, we’ve had many close calls where we’ve reported that certain revelations might finally put her behind bars. Well unfortunately we were wrong and nothing has come of it yet. However, things might change now that we have this new information.

This past weekend Wikileaks released a database of over 30,000 of the Clinton emails and one in particular shows her working with YouTube to cover up and block the Benghazi videos!

Here’s what the email you see above means.

Nora Toiv, a special assistant to the counselor of the State Department, sent an email to State Department officials on Sept. 27, 2012 with the subject line “RE: Google and YouTube” and referenced phone conversations with a someone named Sue that assured Toiv blocks would remain in place for the video(s) in question through Oct. 1, 2012.

“Sue just called back and the block will stay through Monday. They will not/not be unblocking it before then.”

After the Benghazi attack Hillary’s State Department emails show her administration was in contact with Google regarding a blocked YouTube video after President Obama admitted that the Benghazi attack was a preplanned act of terror.

What this email proves is that Hillary took action to block the YouTube video that was supposedly responsible for the Benghazi attack instead of trying to help those actually in Benghazi being attacked in the first place! This is the smoking gun people. We should use this to finally bring her to justice. Let’s do this!

(Source: Conservative Outfitters)