While NBC Covers Vegas Shooting, Viewers Immediately Spot The 1 Thing That’s Missing

Megyn Kelly.

The failed TV host’s Monday episode was canned in favor of continued coverage of the carnage in Las Vegas. Instead of utilizing Kelly as an anchor, the network bumped her off completely. Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie covered the disaster on their own.

Kelly was supposed to be the new NBC News superstar, a rating dynamo that would revitalize morning TV. Instead, she flopped. Almost nobody likes her show. The fact that NBC shut her out of its coverage of the massacre indicates that network executives are starting to realize she’s poison.

“It’s baffling why they didn’t have Kelly participate in the coverage,” an anonymous network veteran said. “They seem confused.”

They don’t want her anywhere near important broadcasts because she might flub the opportunity. She shined as a tough, no-nonsense lawyer on Fox News but she abandoned that persona and has been trying to market herself as “warm” and “inviting.”

Unfortunately for Kelly, she’s neither of those things.

According to Page Six “While Kelly made it clear that she doesn’t want to talk about politics on her show, NBC News has said she will be part of the network’s election coverage.”

I expect NBC executives to rethink that decision before 2018. Kelly’s floundering.

(Source: Page Six)