Nancy Pelosi Wishes Mitt Romney Was President. Yes, Really…

Nancy Pelosi wishes Mitt Romney was president.

No, that wasn’t a typo. Washed-out politician Pelosi hates Donald Trump so much that she’d rather see her ex-foe in office.

“Wouldn’t it be nice if he (Romney) were president of the United States?” Pelosi laughed.

It’s a little ironic that she’s trying to shove Trump out of office considering her own lack of popularity. Democrats have been trying to force her out of the House for years.

Before Trump became the official nominee, Pelosi made Romney the constant butt of her jokes. For some odd reason she believed that if Romney was the candidate, he would have been destroyed by Hillary Clinton.

I don’t have a crystal ball that lets me see the “what ifs” of life, but I can say that Clinton was the least popular presidential candidate of all time. An SNL character probably would have been able to beat her in an election.

Pelosi has plenty of complaints against Trump as well. She doesn’t like the way he communicates; she hates the way he governs.

“I’m not sure the president has understood that a president’s words weigh a ton and you can’t say things casually,” Pelosi said. “There could be a serious military initiation of serious military action, which would be most unfortunate.”

The White House isn’t comprised of idiots. War may be necessary, but it won’t happen just because Trump made a spicy comment.

However, what else can you expect from a Democrat? Their party is still bitter about the fact that voters pushed them out of Washington.

(Source: The Hill)