MUST-WATCH: Vladimir Putin Shows Obama What A REAL Leader Does! He’s RUTHLESS!

While it is polarizing, there is something to be said about Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin. Not only is he an ally of Donald Trump and a charismatic figure that is adored by his country’s population, but he’s demonstrated time and time again that he isn’t afraid of anyone – even if it’s billionaires that try to harm working people. It seems that in these instances, he can’t be bought, much like our main man, Donald Trump.

In one video that should be a primer on what Obama should be doing to his “special interests”, Putin confronts a company owned by billionaires and schools them one by one for lying and manipulating workers.

It’s an absolutely glorious show of strength and resolve, and I think I’m right by saying that hell would freeze over before we saw any sort of backbone from Obama. Barack, take note.

And BOOM goes the dynamite!

Meanwhile, here’s the corporate shill that is Barack Obama, that charges people thousands of dollars jus to shake their hand. This is disgusting!

(Source: YouTube)