MUST WATCH VIDEO: Civilian Gets In On A Police Chase. What Happens Next…WOA!

This is too close for comfort!

Note to all civilians and would be vigilantes, it’s probably best to stay out of the way during a high speed police chase. Especially if the car being chased is shooting sparks out it’s back end! It’s bad enough that you’re attempting to help the police and obstructing justice, now you’re just putting yourself in serious danger. Well this is exactly what happened when Utah resident Rachelle Jean Fernandez tried to help out the cops by attempting a PIT maneuver on a chase suspect! A PIT maneuver is when a car gets close enough to touch another other car on it’s back end and send it spinning, hopefully stopping the criminal. Watch below as her attempts are less than ideal.

Unreal! And to make matters worse, after she tried to help she was arrested on charges interfering with an arrest and failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.

Next time, just stay out of the way!

(Source: Live Leak)