MUST-WATCH: Trump Said One Word About Ted Cruz That Shocked EVERYONE! WHOA

Donald Trump is our pick for the race to the White House because he says what he means and means what he says. Having said that, he’s not one to stray from controversy – the latest of which has him poised against Ted Cruz directly.

In one of Trump’s town hall meetings, a supporter yelled out “Ted Cruz is a pussy!”

Immediately, Trump asked them to repeat it and asked them not to say it again, repeating the phrase, obviously injecting a little bit of his trademark snark with it. The mainstream media took this and ran with it, even though it wasn’t Trump who originally said the borderline offensive slur in the first place.

Watch the video and see for yourself.

No matter what, I know that Trump is an extremely well-versed showman and isn’t petty or underhanded like the other politicians are. That’s why he’ll have our support all the way, no matter what liberals want to say!

(Source: YouTube)