MUST-WATCH: This Blonde Bombshell DESTROYED Liberals And I Can’t Stop Cheering!

We love Tomi Lahren here as Yes I’m Right and here’s another reason to.

Lahren famously ripped islam a new one, but now, with the presidential primaries for each party so close, she’s tackling something a little bit closer to home: socialism. Bernie Sanders is a socialist and some would argue a communist, but Lahren decides to focus on the former and absolutely destroys Sanders and all of socialism in her new video of “Final Thoughts.”

Watch below and cheer along with me as she dismantles the Bern.


Millennials Love the BernStudents, let me shatter the utopia of Socialism for you in 2 minutes.

Posted by Tomi Lahren on Monday, January 25, 2016

BOOM! Go Tomi go! She should be Trump’s running mate. It’d be a landslide.

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